Friday, April 17, 2009

Yeah~~! Money Money Money!!

Work in the same company in every semester break, since the three months break in Yr 1, which is in the kitchen cabinet & wardrobe factory, as a part time clerk.. Wanted to get back to work in this coming sem break in May, but worrying that they dont want to take me anymore, due to the deflation nowadays.. However, my mum told me to call up as soon as possible, to ask for returning to work, then Mun Mun also told me to call up.. Since both of them oso encourage me to call up now, I nerved myself to call up to the mrs boss, haha!! Finally successful alrd!! I can get back to work in May.. Haha!! Feel happy for that!! Can take lunch with Mun, and also can earn money.. The fees I receive considered average, or above average at my stage of knowledge and experience d (however sometimes i’m too greedy, feel not enough), So the only place that I will go for my sem-break job is formula kitchen, coz no other place can offer me this price.. Haha! Feel excited & happy with the money that i’m gonna earn!!! Yeahh~~!!

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